31 December 2009

Writer's Workshop VII

It's time for another Writer's Workshop from Mama Kat.
Get here to read her prompt and to see the other prompts.
Once again, I chose No. 4: Write a letter to someone you received poor customer service from

(Well, it's not customer service figuratively but customer service in the broader sense...)

>>Dear Ballet Classique de Paris,
Mesdames, Messieurs de Ballet Classique de Paris,
yesterday, we visited your representation of Tschaikowsky's "Swan Lake". It was our first time watching a ballet performance like this. And our expectations were high.
I'm sorry to tell you that you didn't meet my exprectations. And I'm going to tell you why not:
First, your "Prince" was the very opposite of what you call a handsome, talented and well prepared ballet dancer. As this is the male leading role in this play I would have chosen the "Harlekin" for this role. He was handsome and well, he did the better job! Oh and he really looked like he haven't seen a shower for years (don't tell me it was hair gel, it wasn't!) and was drunk.
Second, your Primaballerina playing the wonderful swan was wonderful. She really was. But her mimic showed her arrogance and that she needed to concentrate very much.
Third, I have never seen such an non-synchronal performance. This is what dispointed me very bad. It always seemed like they haven't danced this play together before. The girls corps was nice and they did a very good job most of the time. But all together was horrible. And this, Ladies and Gentlemen shouldn't happen! I've seen many performances yet but this was nearly the worst I've ever seen.
Maybe my expectations were too high for this representation but I really regret that I bought those tickets.
Wanna know what rescued my night? A wonderful Strawberry Colada at the piano bar and some good music!
I really hope that you will improve this play coz this isn't what I call professional.

Kind regards,

So Ladies and Gents out there - have a nice night and have fun! Wishing you a wonderful, healthy and succesful 2010!

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  1. Oh I hate to see a production that does not live up to my standards. Of course, my friends say that I have too high of standards. I think that if someone is paying money for a production there should be high standards on the behalf of the company providing the performance.
    Happy New Year!!


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