21 January 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Friday night, I was out with one of my best friends. We went to the cinema for seeing "Did you hear about the Morgans?" Really, the movie is great and we enjoyed it quite much.
The reason why we went out was not even that we both wanted to watch that movie. No. The main reason was that my hubby and her boyfriend wanted to do a Wii night. Yes, they wanted to play Wii.
Well, how lame did they get? Some years ago, they would have joined a LAN-party mean packed up their PC and played some shooter games with other guys. Or Playstation. But Wii? Yes, playing Wii is a nice and funny thing when you are playing with some friends and stuff. But men, grown-up, playing archery on the Wii. Really, that made me laugh…
As my friend and me didn't want to join in this thing we decided to go to the cinema. But aren't we lame as well? Some years ago, we would have gone to a disco all night long, dancing until our feet hurt. But no, we just went to the cinema and headed right back home afterwards.
Yes, parenthood makes us lame…. Don't it? But guess what? I really like it this way.

And yesterday evening, I visited a friend who had a jewelry party. So we girls just met to buy some jewelry which you cannot buy elsewhere. It was really fun and the jewelry was fab. I could have bought nearly everything. Hey, I'm female *g* But I just bought a nice ring. In some days time it'll be mine :-)

Yes I enjoy such lame girly stuff. I really do. A very positive attribute of motherhood…
Enjoy your day!

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