18 January 2010

Greek Herdsmen Cream

As everyone was thrilled of the Greek Herdsmen Cream I decided to share this recipe with you.
I need to say that I hate garlic as well as onions. I really don't like them. But I didn't mind the garlic in this cream as it puts the special taste to it.

Hope that you'll like it. So here we go:

Ingredients: (for 8 people)
20 black olives
400 g feta cheese
200 g cream cheese with garlic
5 Ts milk
4 Ts tomato puree

Cut the feta cheese in very small pieces (maybe mash it with a fork) and mix it with the garlic cream cheese in a bowl. Add the milk and tomato puree and mix it. Then add the sliced olives and fold them in.
Season to taste with salt, pepper, oregano and paprika.


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  1. Klingt seeeehr lecker!

    Ich werde mir einen Jesusfisch und die Bibelstelle Hiob 19, 25-27 (innerhalb des Fisches) stechen lassen.

    Vielleicht mit ein paar Schnörkeln und Blumen geschmückt, überhalb des rechten Knöchels.

    Und wenns seoweit ist, dann werd ich auch ein Foto im Blog einstellen ;-)


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