20 January 2010

What's On Your Mind?

Well, actually, there's nothing on my mind. Last year, I was sure that my writer's block was caused by the stress before Christmas. But I still have the writer's block. I really don't know what to write about. When I cleaning up the kitchen in the morning or before I get asleep then there are always so many topics on my mind to write about. But whenever I sit here on my PC my mind is empty.
I really wanted to post more and give you some stories but my life seems really boring. There's nothing to write about. Or it'll be a quite short post. So I'm really glad that there are those blog carnivals which guarantee at least two posts a week plus my TTMMD on Thursday (quotes) and Friday (songs). But I really try my very best to post some more than just this.
And sometimes I don't have any time to post or even read other blogs.
I guess my blog will never be one of those most fav ones *gg* But that's not why I'm here. Sometimes I just need to get something out of my head.

So maybe I will break my writer's block somewhen. I hope it'll be soon…

Have a nice day!

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