18 January 2010

The Music Of The Night

Hubby's at work now and D does his nap. So now, I'm sitting here and enjoying my short free time, listening to Paul Potts as his music always relaxes me...
Just weird. I'm getting old - and square. Before being a mom and a wife, I enjoyed listening to Eminem or 50Cent. I relaxed the best way listening to Metallica, Dream Theater and Manowar at full volume. And now just one and a half year later, I'm hearing opera and enjoy it the most. Funny, don't you think. That's just how habits gonna change when being a mom.

But I need this as my weekend was very stressful. Saturday morning, me and D visited some colleagues at my old company. And I'm sooooo glad that I don't need to work there anymore. They all told me that I did the very right thing getting pregnant and that I took the right time for it. And yes, they were soooo right!
Then when we got home we waited for hubby getting home from his shift. D and hubby took their nap and I put up the grocery list for the weekend. After they woke up we went for grocery shopping and then I started baking muffins/cup cakes and a cheese cake for hubby's birthday on Sunday. After the cakes were done I started with the dips. I prepared a Greek herdsmen cream with garlic, black olives and feta cheese and a Curry Dip.
Sunday morning, I started early with cooking noodles for the noodle salad and prepared the third dip, a Remoulade. After our great breakfast and opening gifts, we spent the rest of the day with getting ready and putting up the table and stuff. At 5:30pm, the guests arrived and we had a great dinner with cold meat, different salads and dips and baguette. After D was asleep we served the cake. Well, the guests enjoyed it very much as they left at 11:30pm.
I was soooo done and tired was very happy when I was lying in bed.
That morning I needed to clean up the kitchen. Horrible thing! But now everything is done and so I'm able to enjoy the time now :-)

Hope your weekend was even more relaxing than mine. Have a great start in this week!

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