25 January 2010


There was a great article in my latest parent magazine about having tattoos (and there was a thread, too).

In the parent magazine they discussed having the kid's names tattooed. A mom asked other moms what they think about this. Some moms don't like tattoos at all and other had some tattoos and liked the idea. Most of the inked moms (or dads) have the kid's name/s tattooed on the forearm so it's visible for nearly anybody. Some other moms raised concerns what the kids would say when being a teen and their parents still show ther names on their arms wouldn't that be embarrassing for the kids?

Honestly, I like this objection. I never thought about this. I have two tattoos on my own (an abstract woman's body at the tailbone, one big star with angel's wings on my left side and two smaller stars underneath) and I really like to have D's initial on my right loin and the second kid's initial on the left loin. I really like this idea and I thought about letting them tattooed after the second pregnancy when our family planning is done.
I never had any concern. Never. Why should I? They will be hideable and only me and hubby are going to see them. But D will know this. And maybe it'll be visible when wearing a bikini. Will this be embarrassing for my kids? OK, we all know, when you're a teen the parents are always embarrassing *g* That's just the way it is and it'll be OK. But I do not want to embarrasse them even more.
I'm sure that if I wouldn't work as a clerk I'll put the tattoos on my wrist. So then, they would be really visible. Everytime. I won't do this coz I need to get back to work again somewhen so this is no option.

What do you think about this? Will having their names tattooed somewhere on our body embarrasse our kids? Are you having your kid's names tattooed? And if it's so, where?
Would like to know your point of view!

Because yes, maybe it's embarrassing for them but can't I be proud? And so I'll show the world/my world that I gave birth twice and love my kids. I will get my tattoos, no matter what they will think about it ;-)

Have a wonderful day and a good start to this new week!

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  1. Hi Kyrsten,
    There's more info on my blog today about yesterdays Scottish post - sorry to confuse you - have you heard of Robert Burns or Auld Lang Syne?

    I don't think I'll ever get a tattoo personally, I don't like the idea of it on my body. But I think everyone should have the choice to make their own decision and not worry about what other people think.

    You should be proud to have two kids and display that however you wish. As long as you really think it through you will have no regrets. Hopefully one day I'll have kids and I'd like one of those cute charm necklaces like one of these



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