02 February 2010

D's Birth Story

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Oh my, do you really want me to go back to this day? To be honest, it wasn't the most wonderful day in my life… I know, it could have been worse but for me, it was bad enough…
BTW: I needed to look up all those specific words and I really did my best to re-tell this story - please forgive me if I expressed myself badly or used the wrong word (and I would appreciate it if you'd tell me then…). Thanks for your understanding!

The estimated date of birth was the 3rd November 2008. 3 weeks before, the contractions began. Well, no real contractions but kind of. It was always the same procedure: contractions every 15-20 mins during the first hour, then contractions every 10 mins, after two hours and a half - nothing. They stopped. In the end, this happened twice a day. So I needed to see my gyn at the date of birth which was a Monday. The CTG showed no contractions, as expected. I told the gyn that I don't want to wait longer, that I'm tired of the last weeks with those fake labor stuff and that he should give me a fix date to get the baby. He agreed and told me I should wait until Friday. He adviced me to call my midwife and tell her that they will induce the birth if D didn't want to come out on his own.
The place of birth I chose was no regular hospital. It's a gynecological clinic and I was born there as well. My gyn is an attending doctor there and so he would there when I'd give birth. So is the midwife. I could choose between 25 midwifes who work there and if you call them, they will be just there for you. No change of shifts as it is used to in hospitals. Your midwife's job starts when you arrive and ends when everything's over. I like this concept.
On Friday, 7th November 2008, at 8 am we arrived at the clinic. They did a CTG and asked me some questions, hubby registered my arrival at the information and a nurse put a catheter on the back of my hand. At 9 am they induced for the first time. Then we visited my room and moved in, went for a walk and got to the delivery room for examination every two hours. I didn't have any contractions. At 3 pm they induced once more. And yes, then the contractions came up. We went for a walk and at 5:30 pm we went back to the delivery room. This was when they told me I could stay. The contractions where OK now and they did some examinations. My cervix was just about 3 cm open, not as much as it should've been. My midwife told me to do some exercise I learned at the ante-natal preparation. Time passed by...
Then, as I went to the toilet, my water broke. I was so glad coz that meant that the birth will start soon. It was about 8 pm and I was tired, all I wanted is that my baby gets out of my belly…!
They did a epidural anesthesia against the pain. I wanted that and I was soooo glad I had it. I had lost all my sense of time. All I knew that they told me somewhen that the baby got the right position and that I should get ready. Oh how ready was I! And I pushed and pushed and pushed. Nothing happens. My circulation broke nearly down as the head was nearly out. They gave me some oxygen and the doc (unfortunately not mine) layed on my belly to help me pushing it out, the midwife looked after the baby's head, hubby holded my hand… It was horrible…
After 15 hours in the clinic, D was born at 11:14 pm. It was quite hard and I was so done but veeeeery happy! He was soooo sweet and tiny… Just 50cm and 2990 gr…
Well, he grew fast so no need to worry - and I love him more each day!

I put it shorter because, as mentioned, it's not easy to express myself at this topic in a foreign language. But the most important moments are mentioned…
(If you want me to publish my birth story in German, let me know.)


  1. Wow...Kyrsten...I am so amazed that you did that whole post in English! Way to go! And, you did a fabulous job!

    I'm trying to convert the grams to pounds...I'm thinking 6ish pounds, but he seems long at 50 cm!

    Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Thank you! :-)
    You make me feel veeery proud ;-)


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