03 February 2010

I'm walking...

Theoretically, I'm ill. Theoretically, I should be lying in bed, reading, watching TV. I was coughing the whole night so I decided to see my doctor this morning. He told me I got bronchitis and he wanted me to stay home from work this week. I really needed to laugh. When you go to work (without having kids) you stay at home, lay in bed and sleep. When you have kids and you are a SAHM there's no illness, you need to work.

So as D brought me my shoe he wanted to tell me to go for a walk. Good. We got ready and went for a walk. Today is a very cloudy day but D is always happy and smiling. Really, he's sitting in his stroller and is laughing and babbling and send out smiles to anybody.
While we were walking and I thought about how nice it would be sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea an elderly lady came along. And, of course, D smiled at her. The elderly lady was amazed! She stopped walking - and forced me to stop, too - and does what I do really hate: "Ooohh, what a sweeeeeet little boy. Isn't he sweet? Oh and you are smiling. {looking at me} Look, he's smiling! (as I wouldn't know that...) {looking at D and back at me} Take a look, how sweet he's smiling...." Then I couldn't stand my fake smile and kept on walking. Just like that...
Why do elderly ladies always do that? I just wanted to go for a walk with my son. No small talk. No smiling. Just walking. This always happens....
I know, babies are cuties and it's genetic with women to look at kids. Look but not talking to and about them like mother and child were dump!

I really hope never to get like this...

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  1. Oh dear Bronchitis isn't good at all - make sure you keep warm and wrapped up. Hope you are feeling better. I have a cold but it's not as bad as you are, I'm still going to work although I really would like to stay at home it is quiet here. A SAHM really doesn't have much choice. Feel better soon,


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