12 February 2010

TTMMD: Friday - 02/12/10 -

This is my 100th post! Yay! :-))

Today, I'm going to post a love song. This is a German band and a German song - one of my favorite songs. It's about a compliment and the singer tells his girlfriend what she means to him.

I will try to translate it (so that you get a clue what they're singing about):

If saying so
You're the destination of a long journey
You're the perfection in it's best way
Silent in quiet moments
The head of the wave of enthusiasm
Uphill, my drive and verve

I just wanted to tell you
That you are the greatest gift to me
And make sure that you feel the same for me

If saying so
You are my chill-out area
My holidays in every year
The sweetie section at the supermarket
The solution when I got stuck
So precious that I'd rather save it
So beautiful that I won't turn you down

(I really hope that makes sense to you, it's a bit fancy in German as well...)

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Valentine's Day! :-)

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