09 February 2010

Valentine's Extravaganza - Best Date Ever

Let's get on with our story! Today, I'm going to tell you about my best date ever. It was, of course, with hubby...
As I couldn't choose if Date One or Date Three was the best I'll tell you from both - as short as possible ;-) (Date Two was just a normal date...)

Let's start in chronological order with Date One:
It was a Friday, just a week after we met for the first time in real life. He picked me up, with his black Benz. I was deeply impressed - not because of his nice car - no, I was impressed that he suggested to pick me up. I wasn't used to this. Never ever did a guy pick me up for a date, those losers...
So we went out for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. Both of us were quite shy and so we started with the usual small talk about job and weather and stuff. That night, the annual city festival was up and so we went for a walk through the crouded fair. And as I didn't want to lose him I took his hand - ha very practical, don't you think? After walking a while hand in hand - so that we won't lose each other *gg* - we decided to get some cocktails at a bar. And well we sat there talking for hours and enjoyed every minute. When walking back to the car he took my hand although there was no croud anymore - and the billions of butterflies got crazy in my stomach....
*sigh* This was soooo wonderful!

Getting on to Date Three:
Again, he picked me up. This time it was a Tuesday, 11 days after our first date. We went to a beer garden for having diner where we met some of his friends. After finishing our diner we went to another crouded city festival, just an other city this time. We had a beer and just walked through the fair. We met some other friends and a girl was just straight and asked him if I was his new girlfriend. He said yes. I was amazed coz we didn't talk about this before, you know, if we are already an official couple or just dating to get to known to each other better.
When we made our way to the car, just the two of us, I asked him: "So, I'm your girlfriend now, am I?" and he smiled his smile at me: "Yes! Uhm... I hope so..." (he hesitated if I'd be with him...) and I smiled at him, saying: "OK! I like it..." This was the moment he layed his arm around my shoulder and we kept on walking arm in arm.... *sigh*

Yes, those are my favorite dates ever! Ah, my butterflies are back :-)

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  1. Aww this is such a sweet post, he sounds like such a gentleman. My boyfriend picked me up for our first date too.


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