22 April 2010

ThursdayFive in combination with WW

So today I am able to combine Keely's Thursday Five with Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.
Keely wants to your five things that made you happy that week and so I chose Mama Kat's prompt No. 3: What's the joy in your present moment?

So here we go:

1) Right now, I enjoy my little spare time for blogging and facebook-ing while D is taking his nap and hubby's still at work.

2) Tuesday was Gran's Day (D is with my parents for the afternoon) and so hubby and I could relax.

3) "The sun is shining, the weather is sweet..." Yes, summer's coming!

4) I enjoyed the silence during the European flight interdiction (maybe you heard about the ash cloud as consequence of Iceland's vulcanic eruption) and there are still just a few planes passing by...

5) Soccer (do you say soccer or football?) time tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it - always with the hope that they'll win :-)

Join in yourself though.


  1. I love spring time and summer is around the corner and I can't wait!

  2. New follower over from Thursday 5...I put summer in mine too :)

  3. Blogging time is a must, isn't it. Poppin' in from Mama's Losing it!

  4. Summer is the best time of the year!

    Enjoyed your 5! I'm doing the same two blog hops! I picked Mothers day!

  5. Over from Mama Kat's....

    I am ready for summer to officially hit Chicago. It's such a mood booster! I still wore a coat today.

    And my blog? Joy.

  6. Yay for Summer!!

    Thanks for playing and linking up!!

    Have a fantastic weekend!



  7. Love me some sun and ready for summer!!!


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