15 August 2010

Journey To The Past

As my younger brother moved in with my parents again (he's in the mid-twenties and has had his own apartment for about 5 years now - but his apartment was sold so he needed to move. Don't ask me why he moved in with our parents but well, he did...), my parents needed to tidy up a bit. The room my brother lives in now was a storage room for everything, a cluttered storage room in the basement. So my parents started to sort things out first, separated my things from my brother's and theirs and put it in another basement room which is the guest room (which is used not often).
So as my pregnant cousin and her husband are going to visit us next weekend my mom forced me to sort my stuff out. She asked me quite often in the last weeks but I dodged it - until yesterday.
I went over to my parent's house to meet my past packed up in boxes. I hate journeys to the past. Inconvenient...
As I started to unpack the boxes, I found some old books from school (elementary to training school) and self-made pictures from elemantary school and other things for the garbage bag. And I found some old letters from an ex-boyfriend and letters from former pen pals - I asked my mom to burn them up. I also found my old Barbies and their clothes, my favorite doll named Sissi (like the Austrian Empress) and her clothes, some stuffed animals which I want to keep because they mean something to me.
About 3 hours later my journey to the past was done. I found many pictures and things which reminded me of some happy and funny and sad moments in my life. I'm glad that I did this journey yesterday and enjoyed it much although it was work. I kept books and pictures of those moments I was happy in and put the unlucky moments into the garbage bag - I sorted out my life and it feels good.
This was my first step and I hope the next steps will continue :-)

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  1. Going throught the past is good, sometimes you don't realize how much of yourself you have lost until you go back and visit it. :)


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