19 February 2010

Streusel Cake

Hi there!
Sorry for the few posts this week. It has a cause: remember I told you I have bronchitis? My doc gave me some antibiotics and surprisingly I bore quite good with it. Yes, I thought I bore good with it. Tuesday afternoon, I took the last antibiotic tablet and on Thursday morning, I looked like a Streusel Cake. You know, red pustules all over the body, it's itchy and ugly. So Thursday morning, I had an appointment for gastroscopy first (ending up that they luckily found nothing). So when I woke up and take a shower I noticed the rash for the first time. And it was really horrible.
Nevertheless, I went to that gastroscopy thing. After I woke up and was finished there hubby took me to my GP for showing him the rash and ask if it's because of the antibiotics. Well, he told me that the rash is a side effect and prescribed me a salve.
I cannot sit quite well and despite putting the salve all over my body the rash is still itchy and I feel very uncomfortable. My doc told me that it'll be gone within the next few days, when my body is "clean" again. So hopefully I'll be back wealthy by Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Ahhh that sounds horrible, I hope you are feeling better already (I'm late catching up at the moment!)


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